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FLEXMT100 Flexcut Micro Tool Chisel Set
This set features four micro chisels. Micro Tools included: MT11 1/16" (1.5mm), MT12 1/8" (3mm), MT13 3/16" (5mm), and MT14 1/4" (6mm). Perfect for: miniature and fine detail work, cleaning up ridges created by gouge cuts, cleaning up tight corners and accessing tight spaces. Hang packaged. Made in the USA.
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FLEXMT150 Flexcut Dogleg Chisel Micro Tool Set
Overall: 5.5"; Blade: Stainless; Handle: Brown | Wood; Other Info: Contains MT46 6mm, MT45 5mm, MT44 3mm, and MT43 1.5mm. Good for miniature and fine detail work, cleaning up ridges, cleaning up tight corners, and adding fine details. HangÊPackaged. Made in USA.
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