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FLEXKN34 Flexcut Skewed Detail Wood Carving Knife
6 1/2" overall. 1 3/4" high carbon steel skewed blade gives the user a different approach to a detail or paring cut. Instead of a perpendicular bevel as found in many detail knives, this instead is slightly skewed. Wood handle shape holds like a pencil or conventional knife. Hang packaged. Made in the USA.
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FLEXKN11 Flexcut Wood Carving Skew Knife
5 3/4" overall. 1" high carbon steel blade. Used for taking more vertical cuts where space is limited for a conventional whittling stroke. Ergonomic wood handle. Also referred to as a Stab Knife. Hang packaged. Made in the USA.
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FLEXMT200 Flexcut Micro Tool Skew Set
This set features four micro skews. Micro Tools include: MT15 1/16" (1.5mm), MT16 1/8" (3mm), MT17 3/16" (5mm), and MT18 1/4" (6mm). Perfect for miniature and fine detail work, cleaning up ridges created by gouge cuts, cleaning up tight corners and accessing tight spaces. Hang packaged. Made in the USA.
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