Discount Cutlery Rewards Program

We appreciate our customers very much and now have a way of showing it. Since we already offer our customers the best prices that we can, it was decided the only better thing we could do was to let them earn free stuff.

The program is as simple as 1, 2, 3 .. or Register, Earn, Redeem!

1.) Register an account with us.
Either click on My Account and create an account there or simply set up a password on the Check Out page.

2.) Earn Points.
Points are earned for buying products, referring people, & following/liking our social media accounts.

3.) Redeem Rewards
Log-in to your account to see points earned and redeem rewards on Gift Certificates or products.

Ways to Earn Points:

1 Point for every $1 spent on products

5 Points for liking our Facebook*

5 points for following us on Twitter*

5 points for following us on Instagram*

15 Points for referring us to a friends/family**

How to Redeem Your Rewards:

Rewards are redeemed in the form of gift certificates!
If you are logged into your account and have 100 points or more, go to our Gift Certificates page and open up the $5 Gift Certificate and purchase it using your rewards points. Once you have placed the order for the Gift Certificate, you will receive an email with the Gift Certificate code. You may then use this code on your next order by applying it on the View Cart page. Rewards may now be redeemed on products! If you have 100 points, you may apply all the points towards a $5.00 item.

*Once you have liked us on Facebook, followed us on Twitter, and followed us on Instagram, you must let us know so that we can grant you your points.
**Friends/family must include a comment in their order stating that you referred them for you to be granted your points.
***Rewards can be redeemed by phone orders as well.
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