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VEWFCK Vulture Equipment Works Field Cleaning Kit
Comes in resealable mylar zipper pouch. Contents: 2oz twist cap bottle of liquid freakiness extreme environment lubricant and protectant, 4oz spray bottle of liquid Chimera cleaner/degreaser, (10) black swabs, dual ended gun brush, red microfiber cloth, sticker, and DropOut card. Bulk packed. Made in the USA.
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VEWFK Vulture Equipment Works Fire Starting Kit
Includes: 6" x 2" weather tight tube with removable caps. 0.38" diameter ferro rod with aluminum cap. Carbide striker with red rubber handle, (8) individually sealed Maxi-Starters, and 24" piece of genuine US 550-Mil cord. Bulk packed. Made in the USA.
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VEWFKR Vulture Equipment Works Fire Kit Refill 8 Max-Starters
Contains eight individually sealed Maxi-Starters. Each starter only needs 1 spark to ignite and will remain lit in a 20mph wind for up to 3 minutes (typical burn time shielded will range between 4-5 minutes). Dry component with no harmful additives on a pure cotton substrate. Bulk packed. Made in the USA.
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