Knife making has become a popular subject between us and our customers. There are thousands of knife lovers out there who have decided to try making their own knives for a chance.

With our wide selection of knife making supplies, our customers have been able to come up with some awesome pieces of art.

Our fixed blade knife blanks make a great start to the knife making venture. With our hundreds of blade styles, sizes, and materials, you may easily find exactly what you are looking for.

What is a tang? The tang of the knife blank is the handle portion. Many blades will either come with a full tang or a partial tang. This is an important component when choosing the handle material. Full tang blades will usually require two handle scales to be attached on each side. Partial tang blades usually fit inside a solid handle material that is drilled out.

Once you have picked out the blade style that matches your needs, you will want to know what kind of handle material you should use. Rubber handles work great for wet conditions as it provides extra grip. Wood, bone, and antler handles are great for appearance and are often used for knives that will be displayed or collected. G10 and Micarta handles are very durable and are great to use if the knife will be used often.

Adding a finger guard can increase safety of your knife. This helps prevent your hand from sliding toward the cutting edge. We have many different sizes to choose from. Deciding on what finger guard you will need will depend on the overall knife size and the size of the hand using the knife.

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