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Paul Chen Ninja Swords (Total Items:4)

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PC1071 Paul Chen Practical Shinobi Ninja Sword
34 1/2" overall. Sharpened 22 3/4" forged and differentially tempered high carbon steel blade. Imitation white rayskin handle with black synthetic leather wrap. Antique black finish iron tsuba and fittings. Oversized wooden scabbard with black lacquer finish. Specs may vary slightly from piece to piece. Made in China.
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PC2268 Paul Chen Practical Shinobi Ninja Sword
34 1/2" overall. 22 3/4" sharpened hand forged high carbon steel blade that has been differentially tempered. Black imitation rayskin handle with black imitation leather wrap. Antiqued black iron tsuba and fittings. Black finish wood scabbard. Made in China.
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PC2430 Paul Chen Kouga Ninja Sword
33 1/2" overall. 22" sharpened, forged, high carbon steel blade. Black rayskin handle with black cord wrap. The blackened iron Tsuba features the Kouga Mon and pierced Kanji, a theme repeated on the Fuchi/Kashira. Black leather covered wooden scabbard with blackened iron tip and throat. Black cloth storage sleeve. Made in China.
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PC2431 CAS Hanwei Iga Ninja-To Sword
33" overall. 22" forged high carbon steel blade. Differentially tempered with edge hardness 60 HRC. Traditional wrapped handle over rayskin. Blackened iron tsuba with Iga Mon and wave motif. Wood saya with partial rattan wrap and spike. Made in China.
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