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PSP0022 PS Products Quick Draw Gun Magnet
Can be mounted onto any surface that can support 10 pounds or more, such as under or on sides of doors, drawers and desks. Comes ready to mount with two grommet points for quick installation. Works with most handguns, including stainless, titanium and other alloy firearms. Can support approximately 10 pounds. Boxed with hanging tab. Handgun not included. Made in China.
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PSP0037 PS Products AR15/M16 Gun Cleaning Kit
GI-style cleaning kit includes utility brush/cleaning brush, bronze bore brush, bronze and stainless steel chamber brushes, 5 cleaning rods and 2 small plastic bottles for oils or solvents. All in a handy nylon pouch with 2 compartments. Hang packaged. Made in China.
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