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ATADVD Hoffner Knives Defensive Folding Knife Training Book
An easy-to-learn system of defending yourself with Brian Hoffner. Great for law enforcement, military, professionals, responsible citizens, and anyone who must ensure their own safety. Made in China.
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BK116 2003 Sporting Knives Book
272 page paperback. Authorities provide new product reports on the various major knife categories: folding, fixed, pocket, multi-tool, fantasy and more. Over 700 black and white photos. Edited by Joe Kertzman. Made in the USA.
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BK137 Wayne Goddard's $50 Knife Shop
160 page paperback book. Revised edition. Guides you through the Knife making process from start to finish. Full color illustrations. Made in the USA.
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BK179 Knifemaking with Bob Loveless
192 page hardback. By Durwood Hollis. Contains valuable information and many color photographs. Made in the USA.
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BK205 Step-by-Step Knifemaking - You Can Do It!
Book by David Boye. 272 page paperback. Includes information on Tools; Kinds of Knives; Cutting out the blade; Grinding the blade; Building the bolster, finger guard and butt plate; Heat treating the carbon steel blade; Regrinding and polishing the blade; Drilling rivet holes: Rivets and pins; Handle materials; Sharpening and Maintenance and much more. Made in the USA.
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BK230 Sheffield Exhibition Knives
248 page hardback book. Introduction by Bill Adams. Chapters by Bernard Levine, Jim Taylor and Hugh Brock. Contains black and white and color photos and illustrations along with information for the collector, buyer or seller. Made in the USA.
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BK236 The Wonder of Knifemaking
2nd Edition book by Wayne Goddard. 160 page paperback. Contains many color and black and white photos and illustrations as well as information on steel selection, heat treating and testing performance. Made in the USA.
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BK239 Knife Repair and Restoration
By Adrian A. Harris. 92 page paperback. Contains black and white photos and illustrations. Includes sections on: Safety rules; Parts of a knife; Types of blades; Small hand tool; Machinery; Grinding and Buffing; Assembly and Disassembly; Blades and springs; Pins, bolster scales and shields; Switchblades, lockbacks and rigid blades; Handle material; Heat treating, Make your own knife; Etching blades and more. Made in China.
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BK24 How to Make Knives
182 page book by Richard W. Barney and Robert W. Loveless. Made in the USA.
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BK274 Book - Knives 2014
34th Edition, edited by Joe Kertzman. Includes a comprehensive directory of custom makers. Valuable informationon the latest trends in designs and materials, and state-of-the-art embellishments. Numerous feature articles and color photographs. 310 page softcover. Made in the USA.
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BK292 Book - The Tactical Knife Guide Book
By James Morgan Ayres. A comprehensive guide to designs, techniques and uses. Newly updated with specifications and reviews for new products as well as new information on recent developments in the field. Contains many color pictures. 255 page paperback. Made in China.
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BK299 Book - Medicinal Gardening Handbook
By Dede Cummings and Alyssa Holmes. A complete guide to growing, harvesting, and using healing herbs. In these pages, you’ll learn the basics of gardening in your backyard or on your windowsill or porch, including instructions for design, preparing soil, composting, maintaining and harvesting. You’ll then find detailed descriptions of the twelve most common, easy-to-grow, most useful healing herbs, with instructions for growing, harvesting, and utilizing them along with inspiring stories, medicine-making instructions and recipes for your home medicine chest. 160 page paperback. Made in China.
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BK301 Book - Knives 2015 35th Edition
Edited by Joe Kertzman. 312 page paperback. Includes: Directory of Custom Knifemakers, useful information on the latest trends in designs and materials, many useful and informative articles, and numerous color photos. 312 page paperback. Made in the USA.
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BK331 Book - Knives 2016
Edited by Joe Kertzman. 319 page paperback. Full descriptions and specifications for each model. Everything from pearl-handle fighters to engraved folding daggers, chef's knives and pack and field blades are covered extensively, including professional full-color photography. Features world's most comprehensive Custom Knifemaker Directory. Made in the USA.
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BK337 Book - Ultimate Guide Knife Throwing
By Bobby Branton. Foreword by Stephen McEvoy. Everything you ever needed to know about forging your own knives and improving your throwing techniques. If you've ever wanted to learn how to throw knives or tomahawks, look no further. This comprehensive guide is perfect for everyone, from novices who have never picked up a knife to seasoned knife and tomahawk throwers. This book takes readers on a journey from throwing knives for the first time to competing in their first tournament. Bobby Branton has been a foremost expert in the field of knife throwing and handcrafting custom knives for over thirty years and shares his expertise here with easy step-by-step directions. Branton will show readers two methods of throwing knives that are most popular with knife throwers of today. He will also share his extensive knife-making experience, showing readers how to make a quality throwing knife on a budget. In addition to improving one's technical skills, this guide will also give readers a brief history of the sport, covering the pioneers of the sport to today's modern impalement artists. This book will give you the tools needed to learn everything from the basics of knife and tomahawk throwing to how to start your own knife- and tomahawk-throwing club. Readers will learn how to construct targets, the basic stance and knife and tomahawk grips, and the mechanics of throwing knives and tomahawks. Branton's guide gives an in-depth look at this fast-growing sport, with a strong emphasis placed on safety. A must have for anyone interested in the sport of knife throwing. Softcover. 110 pages with color photos. Bulk packed. Made in China
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BK351 Book - A Primer on Folding Knives
By Steven Roman. Whether you are new to the wonderful world of folding knives or are a seasoned veteran, this book is designed to help increase your knowledge of folding knives. It is written in a friendly but informative manner by a professor who has written over 40 books in a variety of subjects. This book could save you hundreds of dollars by giving you the knowledge you need in order to make the wisest possible buying decisions as you increase your knife collection. Includes information on Knife Anatomy, Steel Metallurgy, Knife Sharpening, and much more. Chapters are broken down by knife manufacturers, blade shapes, handle materials, blade coatings, the proprieties of steel, alloy steel, steel brands, types of sharpening methods, girts and microns, stropping, edge maintenance and much more! Softcover. 146 pages with photos. Bulk packed. Made in the USA.
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BK360 Knives 2017 Directory Book
Other Info: Edited by Joe Kertzman. 319 page paperback. Comprehensive directory of custom makers. Latest trends in designs and materials. State-of-the-Art embellishments. Full color images. Bulk Packed. Made in the USA.
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BK49 Knife Throwing Book
31 page paperback book. Made in the USA.
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BK74 Knife and Tomahawk Throwing Book
28 page book by Harry K. McEvoy. Made in the USA.
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BO09JB2 Boker Knife Throwing Advanced Techniques DVD
DVD by John L. Bailey. Part 2 Basic Techniques. 1 hour, 39 minutes runtime. Made in China.
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BOM00961 Boker Magnum Recreational Knife Throwing DVD
By John L. Bailey. Part 1 Basic Techniques. 1 hour, 17 minutes runtime. Made in China.
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CA26291 Case Cutlery 2016 Prebook Pocketworn 20Th
Description Coming Soon! Made in the USA.
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KKTBK Klecker Knives Book on How to Make Wooden Folding Knives
Folding Knives. By Glenn and Nathan Klecker. 1st Edition. Illustrated and photo instructions for making wooden folding knives. Klecker products may not be sold on Amazon, eBay or any other website not owned by the dealer. Made in China.
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MRC Marbles Catalog 2004 Edition
16 full color pages. Useful for reference. Most items shown in this catalog are not currently available for purchase.
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TM011 Turtleman First Knife Handbook
14 color page paperback. Contains information on what is a knife, pocket knife parts, caring for your pocket knife, keeping your pocket knife sharp, parts to a knife blade, how to safely open your pocket knife, how to clean your knife, five safety rules and tips and five more safety rules and tips. Bulk packed.
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UC882 Hibben Knife Throwing Guide
Completely revised and updated with guide for throwing from any distance, choosing knives and building targets. From beginner to professional. 64 pages in full color. Edited by C. Houston Price. Made in Taiwan.
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