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CN181 Monastery Dagger
9 3/4" overall. 5 1/8" stainless double edged blade with black oriental dragon etch (no color as shown in picture). Antique bronze finish sculpted cast metal handle, guard and pommel. Matching boot clip sheath. Made in China.
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CN211206 Lion Crusader Dagger
15 1/4" overall. 9 1/4" stainless dagger blade. Black and gold finish zinc alloy handle and guard with lion artwork. Black composition scabbard with gold tone zinc alloy mounts. Made in China.
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M2491 Robin Hood Dagger
17 5/8" overall. 10 3/4" stainless double edged blade. Black wood finish metal handle with antique silver finish cast metal guard and wheel pommel. Matching scabbard. Made in China.
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M2649 Masonic Dagger
19 1/2" overall. 13 1/2" stainless double edge dagger blade. Olive green finish handle with Masonic emblem on one side and cross on the other. Silver finish sculpted cast metal guard and pommel with cross. Intricately detailed silver finish cast metal scabbard. Made in China.
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MI1944 Paratrooper Dagger
4 5/8" closed. 3" double edge stainless dagger blade enclosed by handle when not in use. Stainless handle with German artwork. Made in China.
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