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Wetterlings Axes

Wetterlings Axes

Wetterlings axes and hatchets for sale. Great prices on Wetterlings axes, camping and outdoor products, knives, knife sharpeners, multi tools, and flashlights.

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SAW312 Wetterlings Replacement Blade for Clearing Axe SAW312 Wetterlings Replacement Blade for Clearing Axe
6" cutting edge. Fits SAW311, SAW315 and SAW317 Clearing Axes. Note: This item is not shipped with a blade cover. Please use caution. Bulk packed. Wetterling Axes are hand forged from Swedish quality steel alloyed from iron, carbon, silicon, manganese and vanadium. Hand forging uses presses that deliver many blows, making the axe edges stronger than if they were drop forged. The special axe steel alloy makes high quality hardening possible. After grinding, hardening and tempering, the Wetterling axes keep a Rockwell hardness of 57-58. These are the main reasons the Wetterling axes hold a keen edge with good "sting" longer than most axes. The handles are lathed from American hickory. The best stress capacity and resistance to blows makes hickory the wood of choice for good axe handles. Made in Sweden.
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