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Electric Knife Sharpeners

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AC138 Smith's Edge Pro Compact Electric Knife Sharpener
8" overall. Sharpens straight edge knives. Synthetic wheel provides quick and easy sharpening. Blade guides hold knife at correct angle. Crossed ceramic rods for manual honing of final edge or quick touch up of already sharp blades. Black soft grip ergonomic handle. Non slip rubber base. Convenient removable power cord. Hang packaged. Made in China.
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AC153 Smiths Ceramic Edge Pro Electric Knife Sharpener
Black and gray composition housing. Sharpens hard or soft steels - won't damage or de-temper your blade. Provides equal to or better than factory edge results. Interlocking ceramic wheels provide razor sharp edge while removing minimal amounts of metal. For manual sharpening - Initial edge setting and serrated blade slots. Fixed angles for guaranteed results. Replaceable sharpening components. Features gray rubber hand grip and black non-slip rubber feet. Works on hunting, kitchen, pocket, custom or tactical knives. Do not use on ceramic knives. Household use only. Made in China.
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AC50281 Smith's Sharpeners Adjustable Edge Pro Electric Sharpener
Electric Sharpener - Pro Series. 10 3/4" x 5 1/2" x 4". Gray composition housing with non-slip rubber feet, black soft grip trim, and red dial. Features interlocking wheel technology in both Diamond and Ceramic abrasive materials. Sharpens both sides of the knife blade equally at the same time. Adjustable angle dial allows knives to be sharpened to their original factory angle. Easy to use, just select the angle and sharpen. Reduces the amount of time needed to sharpen the edge. Will not leave a burr on the cutting edge. Works on alloy, carbon, or stainless blades. Serrated blades can be sharpened using the manual sharpening slot on the side of the unit. Will not damage, scratch, or detemper blade. Sharpens kitchen, hunting, pocket, and serrated knives. Includes cleaning brush for interlocking ceramic wheels and instruction booklet. Made in China.
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AC50377 Smith's Sharpeners Diamond Edge Elite Electric Sharpener
Electric Sharpener. 9 1/4" x 5" x 4 5/8". Light and dark gray composition base with non-slip rubber feet and black soft grip trim. Innovative wheel design provides razor sharp edge in minutes. Won't damage or detemper blade. Offers two stages of mechanical sharpening, coarse and fine, which allow you to match the condition of the blade with the appropriate rate of metal removal needed to sharpen the edge. Two stages of sharpening help prolong the life of the knife by only taking off enough metal to make the knife sharp while giving professional results every time. Use the coarse stage for quick sharpening of very dull or damaged blades. Use the fine stage to just touchup an already sharp knife. Also features manual pull-through slot in between the mechanical sharpening slots for sharpening the serrated portion of blade and for removing the burr from mechanical sharpening. Built-in blade guides ensure consistent angle sharpening. Comes with instruction booklet. Made in China.
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EZLCSK Eze-Lap Chainsaw Sharpening Kit
Diamond wheels with super accurate guides. Includes 5/32" , 3/16" and 7/32" guides. May be used with any electric hand drill. 7" cord and unique plug that will connect to auto cigarette lighter or pull apart to be used as alligator clamps on battery or battery charger. DC motor: 6 to 18 volts. Hang packaged. Made in the USA.
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FS1901 Firestone Electric Knife Sharpener
Black plastic case with red trim. Measures 5 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 3 3/8". Automatically positions and sharpens both sides of blade simultaneously with multiple fused aluminum-oxide-enhanced counter-rotating wheels. Ideal for hunting, filet, pocket, utility, and kitchen knives. Made in the USA.
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FS1902 Firestone Electric Knife Sharpener
Measures 5 3/4" x 4 3/4" x 3 3/8". White plastic case with black trim. Automatically positions and sharpens both sides of blade simultaneously with multiple fused aluminum-oxide-enhanced counter-rotating wheels. Ideal for hunting, filet, pocket, utility, and kitchen knives. Made in the USA.
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FS1923 Firestone Diamond Electric Sharpener
Super-fast, super easy one-step sharpening. Sharpens both sides of the blade simultaneously at the correct angle with a blend of multiple aluminum silica, ceramic and diamond counter-rotating wheels. Creates a burr-free, razor-sharp hollow ground edge. Works on all knives, even serrated. Black housing. Measures 6 1/8" x 5 5/8" x 3 3/4". Made in the USA.
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THLC Tru Hone Commercial Electric Sharpener
Takes less than one minute to put a perfect edge on a blade versus an average of 12 minutes using traditional sharpeners. The Tru Hone Sharpening System can also add up to 50% to the life of a knife because it removes as little metal as necessary to produce a sharp edge. Stainless case is easy to clean. Made in the USA.
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WKS03827 Work Sharp Original Sharpener
Other Info: Replaceable abrasive grit belts. Won't burn or damage blade steel. Precision sharpening guides for kitchen, pocket, hunting, and serrated knives. 6 foot power cord. Three belts (P80-coarse, P220-Medium, and 6000-Fine). Instructional guide and DVD. Boxed. Made in USA.
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WKS03875 Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpening System
Other Info: coarse and fine diamond plates. coarse and fine ceramic rods. Leather strop. Built-in angle guides. All elements are self-contained and require no assembly. Hang Packaged. Made in USA.
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WKS03915 Work Sharp Guided System Upgrade Kit
Other Info: Kit includes: 6" 220 grit extra coarse diamond sharpening plate, 6" 800 grit extra fine diamond sharpening plate, 6" leather stropping plate, 25รง stropping guides, and 0.5 micron honing compound. For use with the Guided Sharpening System. Hang Packaged. Made in USA.
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WKS03939 Work Sharp Combo Knife Sharpener
Other Info: Electric and manual sharpener. Fine grit ceramic rod. Built-in honing guide. Flexible belt technology. Sharpening guide. Made in USA.
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